ACOS is an Optimization Software Program used in casting melting processes.

In the operation of melting processes, the manager can control all activities related to the melting processes with the help of a special manager panel.

Personnel preparing melting recipes make sure that they prepare the cheapest melting recipe for the desired chemical composition.

When the melting process is completed, the furnace charge can be taken without or with minimum addition. Additional quantities can also be easily calculated with the least amount and cost when necessary.

The amount of energy spent per melting decreases.

Ferroalloy costs are reduced with optimum usagerates.

Melting time per charge decreases with the decrease of additional amounts.

Furnace refractory life is extended.

Quality is standardized in all material groups produced.

Human errors are eliminated.

Provides detailed reporting.

Practical Use.

The liquid metal remaining from the previou smelting is calculated for the new melting.

Multiple use.